Spinach Ice Cream

Hey there!


I know, it’s been a while but now I am back with a new amazing dessert recipe which actually couldn’t be any lower in calories ;))



180g of frozen spinach

30g protein powder (whatever flavor you like)

15g of powdered Stevia

-aroma, sugar free syrup… ( i like to add in some sugarfree caramel syrup)


Put everything in a blender and blend!








Satisfy/Fight Sweet Cravings

Today I thought I would share some if my favorite tricks to fight and satisf sweet cravings without actually sinning.

Some of the snacks are perfect for TV moments because that is when we tend to eat most.

Diet Soda
Diet Soda is super low in calories and it lasts for quite a while so it’s a good TV snack too. It also helps to satisfy a sweet craving after a meal. My personal favorite: RedBull SF.

Chewing Gum
Even chewing gum which is not sugarfree is pretty low in calories and can totally satisfy a sweet tooth. It also keeps your mouth busy while watching TV, sitting at the computer or wherever you tend to eat.

Lolli Pops
Lolli Pops are a great alternative to cookies and chocolate with only around 50 cals per piece. It also takes quite a while to be “eaten”.

Especially when I’m working at the computer a big bottle of sparkling water can totally hold me from snacking. It is the most healthy alternative and it actually helps not to develope sweet cravings! If you already have one it’s gonna be hard to switch to water though…

Low Cal Desserts
Low cal desserts of course are a great thing to satisfy a sweet craving after a meal. They’re not too appropriate as TV snacks though because too much of it adds a lot of calories. Except maybe ice cream which can take pretty long, too.

Sugarfree Bonbons
Always a good way to keep your mouth busy, they last pretty long as well (if you don’t decide to chew them ;)). But remember: too many can cause your digestive system to be quite… disordered 😉

Veggie Plate (canned?)
This of course won’t help to satisfy sweet cravings but it definitly is a good choice as a TV snack. If you cannot eat veggies without any sauce, try canned stuff like mini corn , mushrooms, ognions… Remember to wash off the oil if you take veggies in oil. Or make your own home made tomato sauce instead.

I really hope you find those tricks helpful! You see, it’s not necessary to fight your longing for TVsnacking, because this is what most nuttitonal specialists say. But let’s face it: it’s waaaay easier to sublimate them then to fully get rid of them 😉

Good luck!

Christmas Slim Guide

Christmas is the time of cookies, chocolate and ginger bread (just to mention some of the main sweets) Unfortunately, people often are scared of all the temtations during the Christmas weeks so they don’t really get to enjoy them. Or at least not as much as they should be able to.

I have written down some of my personal habits to avoid weight gain during Christmas time without having to resist all the time.

First, I’d like to start out with sweets. How can you avoid snacking on chocolate all the time? My solution is to include them into my meals. I personally like to include them into my breakfast. I simply replace some of my much appreciated dates and figs with cookies, chocolate or anything else I don’t want to miss out on. Simply knowing, that I can guiltlessly snack on my favorite sweets every morning, stops me from eating them during the day. If you’re not that much of a “breakfast type”, include them into your lunch. Simply cut back your portion and add a nice ginger bread as a dessert. Or you have it later in the afternoon. I wouldn’t include into your dinner though 😉
Be aware of the calories.!Make sure you know about the amount of calories your favorite Christmas treats, so you can replace them “correctly” (no need to be super exact about the amount, but an approximate idea would be helpful :))
Include an extra work-out into your schedule. A 30-minute run burns around 300 calories which approximates 60g of cookies.

Now we all know that Christmas is the time of family dinners. There’s just a few simple tipps I can give you for invitations in general.
-Eat slowly, talk a lot. Like this you can go with one portion while other people have two or three.
-Remember, there’s gonna be a dessert. This thaught might help you to stop eating.
-Don’t drink too much. Except the wine is the main reason for your coming 😉 Two glasses less and you saved a dessert!
-To stop an eating binge take a peppermint gum or peppermint drop (for sweet binges it may work better to taste a little salt).
-Remember that sauces can have loads of cals and fat. Take small amounts or ask for Ketchup (that’s what I do, haha :D)

These are some very easy and effective tips to follow. Once you sarted you’ll get into it very quickly and you won’t have to think about it anymore.

And don’t forget to ENJOY IT! 😀
Have a wonderful Christmas Time and I’ll be back soon with more recipes!

Low-Cal Salad Dressing

Today for lunch I was craving a big green salad with vegeterian veal strips. But unfortunately my light salad dressing was out of date… Never mind! I took the chance to develope my own low-cal salad dressing.

This is what I came up with and it is delicious and aromatic AND very low in calories:

1 portion of vegetable bouillon
A splash of milk
A splash of vinegar

First dissolve the bouillon in water, then add in the milk and the vinegar. Seasoning isn’t necessary. Since the taste o the vinegar and the veggie bouillon is very intense you can stretch it quite a lot with water. Perfect for everyone who tends to take too much dressing 😉

This dressing has around 20calories and still has a very intense aroma.

Hope you like it! Enjoy your healthy salad!

Coffee Bundt Cake (and yes, I’m still alive!)

Hey there!

It’s been ages!! I haven’t been posting a new recipe in such a long time. But honestly, I haven’t been figuring out new re ipes in a long time as well! I’ve been quite bussy since I’ve started studying, not only with studying it self but wih the whole new things a students life brings. I haven’t been thinking too much about new recipes and sticked to my “old reliable” ones 😉

But now that the Christmas time is coming around the corner, I decided to get back into cooking (or rather baking) to help you surviving this time of sweet temtations!
I’m going to share delicious cookie and other baking recipes with you, of course lower in cals and fat than the originals. I think I am also going to put together a little guide with tips and tricks to avoid weight gain during this time. I’m going to upload this guide as soon as possible so you don’t need to worry 😉

So stay tuned for new posts and thank you so much for bei g such faithful readers of mine!

Here’s my first baking recipe. I managed to cut the calories in half by simply replacing some of the ingredients:

Coffee Bundt Cake:

50g of Sugarfree Caramel Syrup
1 egg white
66g of flour
10g of coffee powder (pure coffee powder with around 120cal/100g)
10g of Stevia
A dash of salt
1 tbsp of rum (or baking powder)

Pour some extra virgin olive oil on a tissue and spread in the baking dish (this does not add up, it’s such a tiny amount). Mix the Stevia and the salt with the sirup. Add the egg white and stir well. Add the coffee powder and stir. Now add in the flour. Stir untill eerything’s well incoorporated.
Pour mixture into the baking dish.

Put it for 20min in the preheated oven (180* celcius)

Experimenting with baking recipes is always a bit risky, especially trying to replace 100% of the butter. Some low fat recipe suggest to replace only half of it (with apple sauce or something). My butter replacement would be the caramel syrup and I can proudly say, the cake rised perfectly and it looks just like the regular cake which a baked for a friends birthday yesterday!

What a great success!! ;)) Enjoy and let me know how you like the Coffee Bundt Cake!



The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Like probably most of you, I drink coffee every morning. But I like to drink it as iced coffee! I’m working my way through every available instant coffee powder and they’ve all been great so far. But these instant coffes (sweetened and with milk powder) all have around 300kcal/100g. Recently I decided to buy “pure” coffee powder which has only 120kcal/100g and I absolutely LOVE it. I experimented around a bit to make it as creamy as possible and the result us the most delicious sweet and creamy morning coffee you could think of! AND it contains loads of protein…

20g of Vanilla Protein Powder*
10g of Coffee Powder
8-10g of powdered Stevia
3dl of Skim Milk**

Put all the dry ingredients in a cup and fill in half of the milk. Shake well. Now add the rest of the milk.

*For some reason vanilla potein powder is a lot lighter than other flavors. So 20g of vanilla protein powder is a lot more than e.g. chocolate which results in a extremely creamy coffee.

**I’m not too sure about how much milk you need, I just make it fill my 0.5l cup but since it is really creamy you probably need about 3dl.

This is by far my favorite coffee recipe ever!! Enjoy! 🙂